Shopping time in Camden Town

Hello fashionistas! How is the weekend going? I hope really good. Here I am with a new post. This post is based on my favourite place in London: Camden Town. Why is Camden Town my favourite place I have visited in London? Well, the answer is easy: ART+ FASHION + AMY WINEHOUSE.

Amy Winehouse is one of my favourite singers, not only because her music is amazing, it is because her life and her controversy are really interesting for me. She could not deal with fame but she was always original, a limited edition, a really influential artist and the thing that I really love in her is her ability ignoring criticism.

Few weeks ago, I went to Camden Town with Elena and we were surprised after discovering a new graffiti, yes, an Amy Winehouse´s graffiti. It was huge, impressive, we stopped and we took a lot of pictures.


The outfit I chose was based on basic white and black. It is really related with “Back to Black” by Amy. I wanted to show a hipster look, something made in Camden and I think a really achieved it. After taking some pictures with the graffiti, we went to visit Amy´s commemorative monument:


Afterwards, we went shopping in Camden Market, I bought two t-shirts. One shows Marilyn Monroe and the other one shows Amy Winehouse.


There was a particular detail that I really want to share with you readers. I was fascinated with a dress that I found in a vintage shop:


This red dress was decorated with a lot of sequins and each one portrayed two of my favourite divas: Marilyn Monroe and Audry Hepburn. Amazing, isn´t it?

If you love fashion, I really recommend you to go Camden Market and get lost during the whole day there. It is a vintage paradise on earth.

Finally, Elena and me finished the day taking some more pictures in Camden and we went to our favourite park: St James´s Park.


And this is everything!

I hope you really liked this post. Feel free to comment or give your opinion.

Love you fashionistas! 😉



Saturday walk, Part 2

I ended last post talking about one of my best friends in London, Elena.

She is this type of person who is always laughing for nothing, she is possitive, patient, with a pinch of craziness that I really like on her. When we are together, I perfectly understand the meaning of “FRIENDSHIP”, basically, because we understand the other just looking and we share a lot of similar hobbies and interests.


This saturday we went near The River Thames, one more time, but this time it was a fantastic sunny day and we were wearing these kind of colours that make you feel as if you were in a summer afternoon or in a remote lighthouse. Naivy blue in the key in Elena´s outfit. Baggy trousers, sunglasses and a floral print can create the perfect look in both spring and summer. The detail of the yellow ring symbolizes the Sun, a shining diamond.


Finally and in this case, the blue is present in my trousers. I always love the contrast between blue, white and brown. They remember me 3 elements: Earth, water and air. In this look, I added black accessories just to give personality to this outfit and they put the dot at the end of this look.


See you in the next posts fashionistas!

Love you.




Saturday walk, Part 1

Hello fashionistas! This post is dedicated to one of the most important friends that I have in London, Elena. Usually, we spend our Saturdays enjoying talks with family, friends, going to the cinema, party, or drinking coffee. In my case, I love spending sunny Saturdays with Elena. Last Saturday, we went out for a walk in Kingston Upon Thames, we ate delicious food at Kingston Market and we finished like always: Photo shooting near The River Thames.


This outfit is basically based on blue denim. The day was cloudy, so I intentionally decided to choose light colours to create a contrast between the grey sky and me. In addition, white colour projects also light, a feeling of comfort and freedom. I wear white in one of my favourite basic caps, my Nike Air Max, my basic t-shirt with the detail of the neck and my feline bag with the picture of a lion. If you pay attention, the bag is always important in my outfits because sometimes I project my mood on it. Paying attention to my grey sweatshirt, it is placed between all the denim blues and whites, it is because the meaning of this look is: “It does not matter if sometimes everything gets really grey becuase if you surround yourself with good people, good talks and good vibes, everything is gonna turn into a CLEAR SKY.”


Travelling Home, Birthday Time

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope really well cause I am. There are a lot of news that I would like to share with you! The first one is that… Spring is here!

The second one is that I feel really happy because I have  met amazing people during this month and I feel really positive. The third, and the last thing is that I would like to show you my looks when I travelled Spain on February for my birthday.


The first thing I did when I arrived Spain was travelling to Granada. Granada is the city where I studied my English Studies Degree during four years and the love of my life. If you have a chance go and visit Granada because you are going to understand why I am telling you this. I went to visit my friend Javi and I spent some days with him. It was amazing, we ate “tapas”, we went out for party and we remembered our time studying in the city.

That day, I chose a comfortable outfit. Combining brown, white and black, the result was a sophisticated urban style.


After travelling to Granada, I went home and I visited my mum. We appear in the first picture modeling in front of our house before going out and enjoy the sun. I am wearing a suit from H&M and my favourite Adidas Superstar.

In the following ones, I am modeling with another H&M outfit made of denim and a big scarf. This outfit is ideal if you like going for a walk in the afternoon. In my case I went for a walk with my mum and we finished in a wonderful park, full of graffiti and street art.

I spent a lovely time with friends and family. Oh! I also need to tell you that I made four tattoos for my birthday. I promise that I will post them in the following posts ; )

Have a lovely weekend! and remember: “You create your own limits in fashion.” : )

Winter in New Malden


The following outfit is ideal for a winter morning. It is integrated by a black hat, wool scarf, leather bag with details, long camel coat, black skinny trousers, grey “We Are Eternal” sweatshirt, H&M black sunglasses, silver Casio watch and my favourite black fur Nike Air.

This day I was visiting my friend´s host family in New Malden for Christmas lunch. I have to say that this outfit is really comfortable, warm and fashionable at the same time.


Coming back

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I published my last post, but I have to say that… I am back again! More energy, news and a lot of new looks.

Maybe you are asking yourself why I stopped publishing since 2016, well, let´s start explaining the principal reason. The main reason was that I stopped working as an aupair and I have a new job, yes, H&M gave to me the opportunity of being saless assistant. Months later and after working hard, my manager promoted me to “beauty responsible”. Since then I have been working with eyeshadows, lipsticks, powders, etc. It has been a fantastic experience because I have increased my knowledge about english vocabulary and new trends, not only in fashion, but also in make-up.

Weeks were passing really fast, I was really enjoying the beauty department when suddenly, one day I was offered to become a visual. I could not believe it, they payed attention and they saw potential in my outfits. Now I am beauty responsible and VM (Visual Merchandiser) trainee. It is really difficult and hard work but I am not gonna stop till I achieve my goals.

With new job and new projects, I moved from my host family´s house into a shared house near Surbiton station. Moving was like fresh air in my live, I needed it, I needed my own space, my own freedom. At the beginning it was hard to start looking for a room close to my workplace, but I have to say that without my friends´ support, I could not have found the new house. A new life means new responsabilities, but after six months, I am really happy living by my own and I feel really rewarded.

This post is dedicated to people, who like me, they were, or they are looking for a new beginning in London. Sometimes it is difficult to begin, but it does not mean that you should stop trying.

Working in Beauty

-In this picture I am working in the beauty department.



VM trainingVM training 4VM training 3VM training 2

-These pictures show my VM training, I chose the colour scheme and I worked on the        A-Area table.



Conclusion: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”  -Confucius.


Morning in Camden Town

Welcome to my third post. I am going to tell you about other of my favourite places to visit in London. Yes, I am speaking about Camden Town. Why I like this place? Basically, it is because you can smell freedom everywhere. People walk along the street without paying attention to other people, their sight is focused on their dreams and thoughts. Freedom in fashion, but also mental freedom at the same time. With mental freedom I mean that nobody is going to judge you, this place is like out of time, do you remember Alice in Wonderland? There is also magic here. One of my favourite singers, Amy Winehouse used to live in Camden Town and now I can understand why she chose this place. As long as you walk in Camden, you can identify some urban tribes, like hipsters, pinups or punkies. This territory is ideal if you love fashion, music or photography, because  you will come back with your pocket full of new ideas and projects.

This pictures were taken the first time I visited Camden with a friend. At the right, I am posing with Amy Winehouse´s memorial statue.


Few days ago, I went to Camden Town in order to apply for my National Insurance Number and I chose this hipster outfit. It is composed of previous elements showed in my previous post, like my black top hat and my elastic black trousers. The difference is that in this look I integrated my feline bag, a small septum, a black jumper, a white shirt and a pair of 60s glasses. The bag is really comfortable because you can wash it easily and it is really light. My principal goal with this outfit is creating a contrast between the plain color of the look against the bag, which transmits the message that “we need to be fierce and fight against obstacles in order to achieve our dreams.”


Finally, I am going to speak about one of my favourite accessories: My cross earring. Why this accessorie? It is easy, some of the celebrities that I like wore an earring like mine.

Madonna wearing a big cross earring.          George Michael posing with a cross earring.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you in the next one  (: